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Culinary Arts* (IB) Pathway

Why Culinary Arts?

A career in culinary arts involves more than simply cooking. Students enrolled in the Culinary Arts Career Pathway will master culinary skills for successful employment.

You can be in the heart of the kitchen as a chef, cook or food preparation worker preparing, cooking, seasoning and adding that special touch to mouth-watering entrees. Or you can supervise the daily operations and placement orders of restaurants and other establishments that prepare and serve food and beverages as a food service manager. From restaurants, resorts, amusement parks, hotels, bread and breakfasts’ and more, opportunities in the culinary industry are abundant, challenging, fast-paced and can result in diverse jobs including sous chef, pastry chef, kitchen manager, garde manager, banquet chef, restaurant entrepreneur, personal chef and more.

This program offers you the opportunity to explore your personal culinary preferences with the latest tools and technologies and with hands-on experiences in preparing everything from soups, snacks and salads to entrees, side dishes and desserts. Students learn valuable lessons about costs, menu design and management while running their own restaurant, the Devil Rock Café, and compete in various areas such as commercial baking, food innovations, pastry and knife skills and provide catering to organizations at the school.

Because the industry offers so many opportunities for specialization, training and experience will differ for each career. Most fast-food, short-order cooks or food preparation workers require less education or training since most of their skills are learned on the job, while executive chefs and head cooks who work in fine dining and more exotic locations require many years of instruction and experience.


The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) is an innovative education framework incorporating the vision and educational principles of the IB into a unique programme specifically tailored for students who wish to engage in career-related learning. The aim of the IBCP is to provide students with both an academic and practical foundation to support both their further studies and specialized training, thereby ensuring their success in the workforce. The IBCP combines highly regarded and internationally recognized IB Diploma Programme courses with an approved career-related study and a unique IBCP core. Culinary Arts is one of eleven MHS Career Pathways that has been approved for the IBCP.

ACFEFlogo*The Culinary Arts program is "industry certified" by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF). An "industry certified" program has received a "stamp of excellence," which represents the apex of program quality. Only those programs that have successfully undergone rigorous reviews by leaders from business and industry are recognized with this distinction.

Culinary Arts Courses

Culinary Arts Course Schedule

Introduction to Culinary Arts - 20.5310081/82 - 2 semesters. 
This course is designed to introduce students to fundamental food preparation terms, concepts and methods in Culinary Arts where laboratory practice will parallel class work.  Fundamental techniques, skills and terminology are covered and mastered with an emphasis on basic kitchen and dining room safety, sanitation, equipment maintenance and operation procedures. The course also provides an overview of the professionalism in the culinary industry and career opportunities leading to a career pathway to Culinary Arts.

Culinary Arts I - 20.5321081/82 - 2 semesters. 
Culinary Arts I is designed to create a complete foundation and understanding of Culinary Arts leading to post-secondary education or a food service career. Building from techniques and skills learned in Introduction to Culinary Arts, this fundamentals course begins to involve in-depth knowledge and hands-on skill mastery of Culinary Arts.  Prerequisite: Intro to Culinary Arts.

Culinary Arts II - 20.5331081/82 - 2 semesters. 
Culinary Arts II is an advanced and rigorous in-depth course designed for the student in the Culinary Arts Pathway who wishes to continue their education at the post secondary level or enter the foodservice industry as a proficient and well-rounded individual. Strong importance is given to refining hands on production of the classic fundamentals in the commercial kitchen. Students in Culinary II run their own restaurant while learning valuable lessons about costing, menu design, management and more.  Prerequisite: Intro to Culinary Arts & Culinary Arts I.

Culinary Internship - 20.0372081/82 - 2 semesters.  
Prerequisite: Intro to Culinary Arts, Culinary Arts I and Culinary Arts II.

Culinary Arts Post Secondary Institutions

Post-Secondary Institutes to Study Culinary Arts

•    Art Institute of Atlanta
•    Culinary Institute of America
•    French Culinary Institute
•    Gwinnett Technical College
•    Georgia State University
•    Kendall College
•    Kennesaw State University
•    Johnson and Wales University



Family, Career, and Community  Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a cocurricular student organization designed  to prepare students for family life, work life and careers in Family and Consumer Sciences. Membership provides opportunities to build leadership and competitive skills needed in the world of work and community.


skillsusaSkillsUSA is a national, nonprofit student organization that has developed more than 10 million workers who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations through active partnerships between employers and educators. SkillsUSA’s mission is to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens.

prostartProStart is the career-building program for high school students who are interested in culinary arts and foodservice.