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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Careers

Whether you’re creating designs based on proven calculations or turning sketches into all types of manufactured products and structures, this pathway offers you first-hand training to be successful in the industry. It falls under the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Career Cluster that includes scientific research and professionalservices (e.g., physical science, social science, engineering) including laboratory and testing, and research and development.

Broadcast Video production

Pre-Engineering* (IB) Career Pathway

Do you ever find yourself sketching drawings of spacecrafts? Do you like to make blueprints and use math equations to configure the optimal layout for office buildings or parking decks? Do you like to study maps and figure out best way to go somewhere? Learn to translate ideas from sketches and drawings to finished manufactured products such as cars, giant ships and industrial machinery to structures including houses and office buildings.  Read more ...